About Us

Pictured above: Evan, Bonnie, Megan

About Bonnie

The day I was born I had fashion flowing through my bloodstream. You could find me going through my mom’s cedar chest looking for clothes and playing dress up. My mom always made sure I was dressed fashionably and instilled me with a passion for fashion and style. I loved looking up to her style and she encouraged me to follow my dreams. Which is why SISILY Boutique is here today. I can live out my dream of bringing unique fashion to women of all ages. I love how a new outfit or accessory can make you feel confident and beautiful. A little retail therapy is just what the doctor ordered!

About Megan

Since I was young I always looked up to fashion idols and took inspiration from not only current styles but styles that are timeless. As a child you could find me playing dress up in my mom’s closet or doing “arts and crafts” by redesigning clothes in my closet. My “arts and crafts” projects evolved into a passion and I began my own fashion career in 2015 after graduating with an apparel design degree from St. Catherine University. With a degree in hand, I began creating my own custom clothing while also being a go to personal stylist. I enjoy creating unique, one of a kind pieces, but also finding fashion-forward pieces for customers of Sisily! I hope to one day offer you my own clothing line exclusive to Sisily!

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About Evan

I started loving fashion by learning from my mom and sister. Being the youngest in the family, I received quite a few hand-me downs, but I always loved them because my sister has such great style! It’s safe to say I’ve “borrowed” from her closet a few too many times and still do to this day! I graduated from St. Catherine University with a degree in communications and modeled for Megan’s fashion shows all throughout college. I love to model fashionable clothing and I’m excited to bring fun fashion to all Sisily customers! 

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